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Its A Bangla Funny Video On Exam Cheat Paper. This Funny Video Only For fun. You Can relate This Bangla Funny Video With Your Real time Exam hall experience. So Enjoy This Very funny Video :) Bangladesh education authorities have printed front page newspaper advertisements urging high school pupils not to cheat. Thousands of students are due to sit high school exams later this month. The adverts warn that the government has taken strong measures to stop cheating, and that anyone caught doing it will be severely punished. The media campaign - both on print and television - says that cheating has to stop for the sake of Bangladesh and that pupils have to be bold in their efforts to bring the practice to an end. Ingenious methods Cheating in exams is commonplace in Bangladesh, especially in rural areas. Cheating options Hidden cheat notes Buying exam papers in advance Teachers offering a helping hand Student union assistance The techniques used by pupils have become ever more ingenious. Traditionally the favourite method of errant pupils is to bring hidden notes into examinations. But now there are reports of photocopied exam papers being available on the black market. For a price it is possible for pupils to see their questions in advance. Much at stake The education authorities in Bangladesh have found it difficult to eradicate cheating because so much is at stake in the exams. For pupils, a good result can provide a university education and a white-collar job. Software developers in Bangladesh A good result is a ticket to a lucrative job Schools which do not perform well in exams are likely to have their funding curtailed or stopped by the government - private sector schools cannot compete in the marketplace unless they can show parents that pupils are reaching the necessary grades. In recent months, the Bangladeshi press has been full of reports of teachers helping pupils to cheat. The Bangladesh College Teachers Association has meanwhile demanded that the activities of student unions be suspended in the run-up to high school exams - due to be sat by more than half a million students - on 10 May. Violence The Association says that the unions loyal to both the government and the opposition parties help students to cheat in return for getting their political support. They have accused some union members of threatening exam invigilators with violence, and of being behind clashes that have taken place recently between the police and people who they say are not authorised to enter the exam hall. The Bangladeshi Education Minister, AS Sadik, said that security for the forthcoming exams would be tightened and that invigilators had been warned to be on their guard. But he said that the problem of cheating could not be entirely eradicated until the exam system itself was completely reformed Thanks Stay With Us.

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