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The story of Private Practice is about a guy, Sankar (Anshuman) who is a student of Medical College at Kolkata. He has left home to avoid marriage with as girl selected by his parents. On a railway platform, he has met Soven (Pasha) who is artist by profession. Soven has gone to a Ghost House for painting where a mafia gang has kept Suvomita (Aishwarya), daughter of an Industrialist. Soven has got there the bag full of half million rupees given by the Industrialist to the mafia gang and he wants to return the money to the industrialist. So the gang is in search of him and he is escaping from them. Gunodhar (Ramaprasad Banik) is the maternal uncle of Sankar but Sankar has never seen him as his father cuts all the relations with Gunodhar for not getting Motor Bike as dowry. Both of them take shelter to Gunodhar and there Sankar meets neighbour Uma (Ratri )and falls in love with her. In the meantime the mafia gang come there but they cannot find out Soven. In the mean time Police has come but they don’t arrest the gang on request by Suvomita. Now Sankar marries Uma and comes to know that Uma is the girl chosen by his parents. Soven has proposed Suvomita. Uma has come to know actual identity of Sankar and become fainted. Then Sankar starts his private practice getting Uma as his 1st patient!! Director: Panna Hossain Cinematographer: Kamal Nayak Editor: Asit Basu Choreographer: Panna Hossain, Kailash, Kabir Sen Barat. Star Cast: Pasha Sobhen Anshuman Sankar Aishwarya Bose Ratri Ghatak Ramaprasad Banik Mrinal Mukherjee Ramen Raychowdhury Kalyan Chattopadhyay Manasi Sinha Get Daily Updates - Subscribe YouTube channel & Stay tuned: Buy Online Bengali Movie, Music, Animation: Follow us on Face book: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Google+: Follow us on LinkedIn:

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