Funny Bangladeshi Politics

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Publish On : 2 years ago

Our country is going through a lot. our leaders were supposed to gain our love and trust through developing our lifestyles but in last few days countless people have died, properties were damaged, lost our reputation in outer countries. I would not blame the leaders though. its our fault. we have lost our unity, we forgot how to behave like a normal human being, we are killing our brothers and destroying everything just for politics. everyone asked me not to make this video. everyone is afraid of the politicians. and this is not even something to be proud of. why should we let them misuse their powers and destroy our lives? and we cant even joke about them or express our opinions? we keep complaining about them and then again vote the at the end every time. there are so money other candits who would work better than them. there will obviously be corruption in politics. but at least there should be a progress. I have seen people going through a lot for a simple thing like expressing their opinions. but i am not stepping back. i would rather go to jail than staying at home watching tv and complaining about our everyday problems created by shameless people. A lot of people say when Bangladesh is in such disastrous situation we are having fun. I say why should we stop living our life for selfish people whom you voted to control our world? we made this video for fun as well. i dont care about right or wrong. i just want my country and my people to be free from any kind of fear and boundaries. And i demand it. Hope you enjoy this video. seat back, enjoy and relax. FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: SECOND CHANNEL:

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