10 Very Rare Things in Football ......& ALL Done by Lionel Messi !! ||HD||

sadia afrin

Publish On : 2 years ago

Messi Doing The Most Ridiculous & Unexpected Things Ever Seen in Football | Some Very Very Rare Occasions in Football All of Which Were Done by Messi || You will never see any other player doing such things on a football pitch ever. Expect the unexpected when it's Lionel Messi ! Leo Messi did some ridiculously exceptional plays in his career so far that no one could do. This video shows such moments of greatness from Messi. The legendary moments are : - Messi Nutmeg vs Goalkeeper , - Messi Messi Dribble vs Referee , - Messi One-Two with Opposition Player , - Messi Dribbling Whole Team to Score A Goal , - Messi Goals vs Two Goalkeepers in the Same Match , - Messi Hat-Tricks vs Biggest Rivals of His Club and National Teams , - Messi Penalty Pass Assist , - Messi Bicycle Kick / Overhead Kick Assist , - Messi Hand of God / Hand Goal , - Messi Chest Goals , Trust me, you have never seen any other footballer ever doing such things and never will. The Greatness of Lionel Andres Leo Messi ||

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