sadia afrin

Publish On : 2 years ago

Hi everyone. We have all seen reckless vagaries of famous actors, singers and other celebrities. But let's have mercy on them, since practically 24/7 they're being watched by journalists in search of something interesting or shocking. Their unusual outfits, hairstyles and sometimes even actions become public fare literally in an eye blink. But don't forget about politicians - they're celebrities as well, and are being watched constantly too, and sometimes even more. And among all of them, people pay special attention to presidents in particular. One would think: how can you even compare some whimsical celebs with these serious fellas running countries. But they are people too, just like any of us, and they have some fails. So, here are 5 presidents that shamed themselves in front of millions of people, white house donald trump election 2016 report elections cbs

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