Kids and pets fails #6 Dog and elephant are best friends 2017

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Halim khan

Publish On : 2 years ago

Best weekly funny video compilation #6 0:09 Thug dog hits a man with its leg 0:19 Deer falls and roll over his head running 0:34 Cat squeezing through a tiny gap under the door 0:44 Cat scared dog and it fell into the pool 0:55 Dolphins swimming in a garbage 1:05 Dog roars like a car 1:18 Dog singing we are the champions Queen 1:25 Batman and Joker talking like cat and dog 1:35 Seal clapping fast Mr Sandman 1:46 Horse making bubbles under water with its nose 1:56 Sad cat watches sewing very attentively 2:17 Cows running away from police car 2:28 Huge whale swimming in the ocean 2:37 Small furry pet caught itself in a bucket 2:47 Turtle rides a crocodile 2:58 Mouse runs through tubes like Mario bros 3:09 Cat steal camera from young yoga girl 3:20 Cat fails catching sunlight spot on a slippery floor 3:30 Dog rolls over its head into space 3:40 Bull hits a cowboy with a door 3:48 Cat trying to lick milk from narrow glass and fails 3:57 Cat scared like watching horror movie 4:09 Lowrider cat 4:22 Spider dancing at the mirror 4:31 Parrot laughing like mad scientist 4:40 Fish slaps kid in his face 4:47 Husky swims in a lifejacket 4:57 Rabbit taking bath in a sink 5:08 Parrot dancing 5:17 Cats are scared with metronome 5:27 Dog walks like a model 5:35 Dogs cats lions elephants are friends 5:47 Little panda taking bath 5:57 Monkey sawing a tree and evolving 6:07 Doge rides a turtle 6:18 Dog fails to catch a cookie 6:28 Dog fails to catch a tasty rib in slow motion 6:38 Dog covers sleeping baby with a blanket

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