10 Daredevil Accidents Caught on Video

sadia afrin

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Here are 10 daredevil accidents that were caught on video Subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/1L5DNro Follow Our Twitter: http://twitter.com/spacebound GamesDoneRight: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgokOjlWNijSuVCwB432xsg https://twitter.com/GamesDoneRight Transcript: 10. Broken Neck To start off this video we have Samuel Koch. He was on a German tv show called Wetten Dass. He ended up breaking his neck and this is how it happened. Thankfully he did turn out to be alright. Samuel actually is paraplegic now due to that fall. 9. Jump Fail Here we have a stuntman named Gary Wells. Gary had actually done multiple stunts before this and succeeded. Unfortunately this time was a different story. Gary luckily survived the crash, even with all the major injuries he had gotten. 8. Lake Overshot He actually started doing stunts at the age of 5. Fast forward about 20 years and here we have his final stunt. Mike turned out to alright even after breaking every bone in his body. He actually didn't have health insurance either. What kind of stuntman doesn't have insurance? 7. Acrobatic Fail He seemed to be very good at what he does, until this happens. Yes, I know he had a safety belt on when he fell, but what if it snapped? He was lucky the belt didn't snap or... SPLAT. I'm just glad that he didn't fall and the hot air balloons brought him safely to the ground. 6. Parachute Malfunction This Russian base jumper was only doing one of his routine jumps. This time off of a radio tower. What he didn't expect was for his parachute to not work. Here's what happened. It turns out the fall was 120 meters which is 393 feet. The man actually survived the fall because the snow cushioned his fault. He was even able to walk again after three months after fracturing his vertebrae, pelvis and legs. This man must feel extremely lucky. 5. Electric Tower This man from Chile climbed up a electric tower to jump off of it. While he was climbing, this happened. Im not sure if he would have survived even if the electric didn't kill him. He did hit the tower multiple times on the way down. I really do hope they have those towers fenced off or something to prevent this from happening again. 4. Skydiving Dwain Weston was a base jumper who had done plenty of jumps before. Dwain was only 30-years-old when this jump took place. This was probably going to be his biggest jump, until this happened. It is very unfortunate that he lost his life doing this jump. Hopefully he didn't hurt anyone when he hit the bridge. But, on the bright side, at least he was doing something he loved. 3. Not So Safe, Safety Belt I think the best thing for any stuntman to do is to make sure the gear they buy is the safest. I mean their lives are at stake here. This time it was a faulty safety belt. This is what happened when it broke. Jim Bailey other known as Bullet, lost his life doing this stunt. When he slipped from the plane he fell 500 feet to the ground. This is one of the reasons im afraid to fly. 2. Crane Fall This took place in Russia. Im starting to think that all Russians are crazy. Anyways, for this one you are going to have to look a little closer because the man is very hard to spot. Here is what happened. As you can tell the man definitely didn't survive that fall. He was only climbing up there to most likely brag to his friends. This is a reason why i wouldn't even climb a latter. 1. Wing Walker Just when you thought this video couldn't get anymore crazier. Jane Wicker comes out of no where with her wing walker stunts. Yes it's exactly how it sounds. This is what happened when Jane, last performed her stunt. It was tragic that not only she lost her life but her pilot lost it as well. If you ask me, she was basically asking for something like this to happen. On other videos i seen it didn't look like she had to much keeping her safe. Fun fact: You are completely blind for hours every day, but Saccadic Masking renders you totally unaware of it. More videos here: http://bit.ly/2e2hGaq

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