PolerCoaster POV - Nolimits Coaster 2

sadia afrin

Publish On : 2 years ago

Follow me on Twitter to be first to see my new projects! Twitter.com/Timmmvs One of my craziest project ever! I'm pretty happy with the results, of course it's not perfect, I don't even think it could be build in real life. I know it doesn't have an observation deck, or a restaurant or another attraction on top, like the ones they are gonna build have, but does everything has to be exactly the same? I just wanted this project to be about the coaster itself! You also might notice that instead of going only around the tower, this ride also goes inside! This gave me the opportunity to add some elements the other ones can't have! For example: this ride includes a looping! If it was a real ride it would be #8 on the World longest coasters list (1901,77 M / 6239,4 Ft ) And the #5 on the world Tallest coasters list. (111.25 M 365,995 Ft) Thanks for watching, please subscribe to stay updated on my new projects! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=684382833 http://www.coastercrazy.com/21192/PolerCoaster

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