Imst Alpine Coaster - High Speed Pursuit

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sadia afrin

Publish On : 2 years ago

When I rode this Austrian Alpine Coaster it was the longest in the World. My first ride took 5 minutes but I tried on my next ride to see if it was possible to complete it faster than 5 minutes. After 3 minutes all was going well until we caught up to my friend for the final 2 minutes we chased him in a high-speed alpine coaster pursuit. Please forgive the screams and over-excitement at the beginning of the ride...but at full speed some of those corners and bumps in the track are a little scary! Check out my Alpine Coaster Playlist David Ellis - Roller Coasters, Thrill Rides and more Check out my other videos Please share your thoughts or any questions about the video - I will do my best to reply promptly to all questions asked. Why not subscribe and get my new videos every weekend? Follow me on Twitter

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