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Mermaid Melissa's Youtube Channel Link - Watch what happened when I went swimming with Mermaid Melissa Hey guys, Bill here… when it comes to mermaid sighting videos there is certainly no shortage of those in my inbox. But the one that caught my eye recently is this one. ( Use this script to translate. Copy here and paste here ) It’s called "Real Mermaid Rescue” and it was sent in by Fernando Ramirez, Katie Lavery, Paula Gilchrist, and Squishy ash just to name a few. The video shows what looks like real news footage of a mermaid being tended to by medical personnel. Now come on guys. I think it’s pretty far fetched to think this is a real mermaid. Don’t you? But hey, the rules here at the Bureau of Real or Fake require I get to the bottom of the story before I can announce an official decision. So why don’t we do that. Looking through the video it’s pretty clear to me that the footage is not computer generated. It shows real people putting what looks like a real live mermaid in a sling and then carrying her off to a canal of some kind where they let her go back into the water. Once in the water, she kind of hangs around and says hi to some kayakers… On a hunch, I decided to check out the person who posted this video. As luck would have it, it comes from a youtube channel called Melissa Mermaid. So I got in touch. BILL AND MELISSA INTERVIEW BILL: Hey Melissa, this is bill from bills channel. How are you today? Melissa: Hi I'm great. How are you? BILL: So Melissa, I have this video that was sent in called "Real Mermaid Rescue and Release TV Footage." Is that one of your videos? Melisssa: Yes the video is real and the mermaid, well… that’s a real mermaid model in it. I know because it’s me. BILL: So you are a mermaid model... You know I suspected that was you… so explain to me what’s going on here. Melissa: - - I was at a Manatee Festival where we try to raise awareness about Manatees. The great people from Florida Fish and Wildlife had this idea to carry me to the water just like they carry the manatees. BILL: Oh ok. I get it. well that certainly clears that up and it’s great you’re doing things to help the manatees. What else are you up to these days? MELISSA: Did you see my video where I swim with manta rays? I was in Australia and it just sort of popped up. it was an amazing experience. BILL: That is just awesome. I always wanted to do something like that. MELISSA - Well why don’t you come over and we can go swimming together some time. BILL: Go swimming together? MELISSA: Yeah, I have a merman outfit that would fit you pretty good. BILL: Well I don’t know, I mean, I don’t think… I don't know if I can hold my breath that long. MELISSA: What’s the matter, you know how to swim don’t you? BILL: Yeah sure I do… but its not that. It’s just… you know. I got to think about it. MELISSA: Ok well just call me on my shell phone. BILL: I will. I will. Ok, well that’s about the all time I have for this video. I guess we can officially state the video was real, but that wasn’t a real mermaid in the sense that Squishy Ash and the others were asking about so I am going to call that part of it a fake. I want to thank you guys for sending in the video and also a special thanks to mermaid Melissa for clearing that up for us. If you want to see more of her videos, I’m adding a link to her youtube channel in the description box. And that my friends brings me to the question of the day. Do you think I should go swimming with Mermaid Melissa? Let me know what you think in the comment section below. See you next time.

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