Top 10 Videos of Mermaids Caught on Camera

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Top 10 Videos of Mermaids Caught on Camera Transcript: A mermaid is a mythical creature that is half woman and half fish. Believe it or not, Some people haved claimed to have caught one on tape, and like always mentioned, there are many hoax videos out there on the internet but the ones shown in this list will leave you in amazement. So you defenitely dont want to miss any of the numbers shown in this countdown. With this being said, prepare to see 5 Mermaids Caught On Camera & Spotted In Real Life! Lets...Begin! 1. MarginalMedia This next video your about to see is recorded by a YouTuber named MarginalMedia with over 85 thousand subscribers on his channel. He explains that he went to the Great Barrier Reef to test an underwater cage that the people had bought for the camera. He also explains that the video is owned and recorded by himself and not from any prebuilt documentary. Anyways, here is the footage, so you be the judge in what is shown... 2. Mermaid of UK Coast Guard This next footage also comes from Animal Planet where it shows two marine officers going after what they thought was a dummy body in training of a man overboard but when they took a closer look, something completely different can be seen. Many belive it to be the legendary mermaid, but what do you see? Here it is. 3. Mermaid of Greenland You might have seen this footage on my Mythical Creatures Caught On Camera & Spotted In Real Life video! Anyways, the footage about to be seen shows a second camera that captures what seems to be a mermaid 3 thousand feet deep off the coast of Greenland. People believe this to be one of the realest mermaid footages to ever be caught but...what do you think? Here it is... 4. Dead Mermaid After Hurricane The footage your about to see shows what appears to be a dead Mermaid discovered at Fort Desoto beach after a hurricane in Florida. The person who was recording was shocked to see the strange dead body on the beach as he claims to have never seen such a thing like what he saw that day. But enough with the talk right? Prepare because the video. 5. Mermaid On The Rock What your about to see is a video from Animal Planet of 2 guys wondering around on a hill when all of a sudden they see a strange looking water creature on top of a rock. At first, they thought they were recording a seal on top of the rocks but they thought wrong. Here is the footage....

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